Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Assignment #14

"Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom" by Jose Picardo.

I thought Mr. Picardo's video was very interesting. He had some really informative tips! I like that he gave just a little information about each and kept the video short and simple. One of the tips Mr. Picardo mentioned that I'm not familiar with is steaming videos. I've seen people "stream" things such as videos before but it's not something I necessarily know how to do. Something I do use that Mr. Picardo mentioned is music! I love music and love to use music whenever I can. I'm also very familiar with iTunes and I'm comfortable using it. Tip 3 was using teleconferencing tools and that's something that I would like to get better at. I've had some issues with Skype in the past and it has discouraged me from using it more often. I need to give it another try!

Tip 5 talked about using your interactive whiteboard more effectively and thanks to EDM310 I believe I can do that! During Projects #13 and #15 I learned so much about Smart-Boards and I'm truly excited about being able to use them to teach! Also, Another Tip Mr. Picardo mentioned was using Pot-casts and (again) thanks to EDM310 I know how to conduct/use a Pod-cast in my own classroom! Tip 7 was to start a blog or wiki! I have really, really enjoyed "blogging" this semester for EDM310 and I intend to keep it up even after this class ends! So I know that is something I can definitely use and I will know how to incorporate it into my classroom!

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