Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Assignment #11

Ms. Cassidy's video "Little Kids....Big Potential" and the Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

I truly enjoyed watching Ms. Cassidy's video "Little Kids....Big Potential", as well as the Skype interview with her. I thought it was really awesome that in the interview Ms. Cassidy said that she has been using technology in her classroom for about 10 years! It would be really interesting if Ms. Cassidy had some videos from when she first started using technology in her class 10 years ago! Some of the techniques that Ms. Cassidy discussed such as using Nintendo DS's is something that I would be interested in doing in my own classroom. I would also like to learn more about wikis and put those to use somehow. Some impediments that I might run into would be parental negativity or negativity from administration which I would have to deal with as it came about. In a perfect world I would hope that both parents and the administration would be on board for broadening their children's horizons but I know that this isn't a perfect world! So perhaps I could go into a litter more detail with parents or others that have hesitations about technology being used in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy said two things in particular that really jumped out at me...One was, "Why would a child want to write on a piece of paper for just me to see it, when they can write on their blog and the whole world can see it?" So true! That is one thing I love about my blog! I've told so many people throughout the semester "Go look at my blog!" I'm proud of it and I like to show people! Another thing Ms. Cassidy said was, "We cannot teach kids in this generation using the tools that worked 20 years ago...10 years ago...even 5 years ago...we have to change, because the world has changed!" I absolutely agree with her...I think this might need to be one of the "motto's" for EDM310!


  1. I JUST realized you're my C4C this week. What are the chances...? I think you did a good job on Blog Post 11. I think you do a great job on all your work actually. I'm currently not done with mine but I'll definitely take some notes from you. You made a lot of great points and summarized our assignments for this week very well. Everything you do is very well done. Keep up the good work Kristen. I know you will.

    Jon Jon

  2. Thank you, Jon Jon! That's really ironic that I was your C4C this week! I really appreciate your positive comments! :)

  3. Great blog post, kristen! I feel like you really got Ms. Cassidy's point she was trying to get through to people. I also agree with you that why would a child write on a sheet of paper, when they can put effort into a blog. I'm proud of my blog, too! I feel like these blogs make the school work that much more interesting!
    Keep up the good work!