Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

I loved this video! Honestly, I was not very familiar with Podcasting until I watched the video. I think that Podcasting is beneficial to really everyone involved. The idea that parents can listen to the Podcast is wonderful. I think that it could help by having the parents understand exactly what their child is learning at that particular time. Also, it could help the parents understand what their child needs to study or work on in order to do well in class or on their next test. Something that could potentially be beneficial for parents and students is that you can access these from anywhere. For instance, the scene in the video where the student was out sick. I know that I would have loved to be able to look at a Vodcast or listen to a Podcast when I was out sick. We all know that life happens but with Pod or Vodcasting students can stay on task and not get behind. And students can listen to the Podcasts as many times as they like. That is one thing that is really appealing to me. I like to listen, watch, or re-read whatever it is that I'm doing just to make sure that I have a good grasp on it before I start the actual assignment. I'm sure a bunch of people do! All in all, I think this video did a great job of really showing what Podcasting is all about.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Wow! The title "100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better" says it all. This article is full of ways to help people use their i Pods to there fullest potential. There are so many things in the article that I had no idea you could do with an i Pod. "Soundwalk" is something that this article mentions and I am absolutely going to try it out. I recently took a trip to New York and one of my favorite parts was being able to listen to the audio tours at places like the Empire State Building. It's just such an awesome way to get a lot of information and for it to be clear. Also, it goes along with where you are in the tour so that you can stop and start it as you wish! The best part about "Soundwalk" though, is that you don't have to be in New York to hear about the Empire State Building you could be sitting in your own living room. I can see this as being such a useful tool when it comes to Podcasts. I am definitely going to bookmark this article for future references!

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

This site is full of helpful hints on how to do a Podcast. Ms. Scharf starts off by explaining exactly what a Podcast is as well as the benefits of Podcasting. She also gives "Tips to Succeed", one of my favorites was #6 "Allow plenty of time to complete the project. Everything takes longer than you think it will!" which is so true! To go along with #6, Ms. Scharf put in a "Time Schedule for Creating a Podcast" which is broken down into "periods". There are also suggestions for Podcast topics. The list goes on and on! This site has tons of information on Podcasting. I will absolutely be going back to look at it when I have to do my own Podcast!

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